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Still waiting for another full day of SUN (possibly next year!!!), when I can dye the next batch of teasels…….Meanwhile I’ve started partially loading the poles with teasels au naturel, with my husband providing the extra point of interest at crucial moments.

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Having finally got a dry day in which to work outside……I have now almost completed one pole. All teasel bunches are now tied together with wire and wired on to the pole. Interestingly whatever it is that is infesting the teasels is still trying to survive on the black teasel, as there is still signs […]

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Went back to Uphill on Friday to collect more teasels this time on my own. Found a new source in a more sheltered low lying area. Lots of dog walkers stopped to ask me what I was doing. The dogs don’t like me carrying bundles of teasels and start barking which is rather disconcerting.Saw the […]

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Another good day collecting teasels, this time at Uphill near WSM. A gloriously sunny day. Skylarks singing, swans swimming and deer hiding in the reed beds. Many thanks to my two trusty helpers Liz and Bella ‘the bold’!

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