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Just received some really interesting photos from Sarah George (a member of Bhaam), who got a bursary to photograph the rest of us creating our work. It shows just what a mucky job it was dyeing the teasels. The bucket of Indian ink looks very like an oil slick. Anyway, many thanks Sarah. It makes […]

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For some time now, I have been finding increasing numbers of little moths appearing in the room where I store the teasel poles. I’ve finally had time to look them up…..Endothenia marginana. The larvae feed on the seed heads of the teasel (among other plants),  from September to June, emerging as adults from late May to […]

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On Thursday I had a group critique with some of the other Bhaam members which was very useful. I needed to find a way to break up the line where the teasel colour changes from brown to black. I had already kept back some single black teasels to see it it would help if I […]

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Have now completed my fourth pole and have some bunches left over to start the fifth. Someone even gave me some teasels on the morning school run, so my predicament is getting around……

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The bunches of teasels have now moved inside for safe keeping. I plan to load them on to the poles tomorrow as this will get them out of the way…… I’m now in the situation of having nearly run out of teasels……the barn has been emptied (I have been collecting since January!), and most of […]

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Finally a hot, dry, sunny and slightly breezy day was predicted. So on Tuesday I dyed black, the next batch of teasels. Having managed to start work at 07.30,  I worked almost continuously until 13.30 with a quick stop for lunch. Using Indian ink is a messy business and I just wanted to get on […]

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