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The sixth and final teasel pole

I’m now half way through the final teasel pole using green teasels. I’m off to collect more teasels on Tuesday so should finish this work by the end of the week as long as it doesn’t start raining again. The green teasels look completely different, and I’m not sure just how long they will keep […]

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A busy day

A meeting at 9am today with Zoe from SAW,  and owners of the garden in which I’m exhibiting the Horn of Plenty. this was then followed by teasel picking in the afternoon.I’ve now finished the fifth pole and will start on the sixth tomorrow. The green teasels, being ‘wet’, are much heavier, and are making […]

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The green teasels

The collection of green teasels has begun and as it’s school holidays son comes too…….with bribes of an all day breakfast from the cafe at the end of the walk! When we got back to the car the windows had steamed up due the the combination of heat and moisture from these cuttings. A few […]

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Dressing the frame

I’ve now finished applying the undergarment to the frame…..rather like a crinoline but much tighter.I find it quite beautiful, a work of art in its own right. The rain fall from the previous night was still on the weed control fabric in the morning.

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Abundance Garden Trail Somerset Art Week 2013

I was lucky to be among a group of artists selected for a SAW bursary to produce work in response to the theme Abundance for Art Week 2013. The work will be exhibited in various gardens all over Somerset, in conjunction with the National Open Gardens Scheme. I have been contributing to a collective blog but […]

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