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Shaggy dog stories ?

A wet day, but at least the rain wasn’t torrential. A thick mist blanketed the Quantocks Hills obscuring our view from the tump. With the weather still being quite warm, the garden itself was steaming. The ‘Horn’ has now gone all shaggy in the rain, with the ends of the raffia hanging down vertically, and […]

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First day of Somerset Art Week 2013

First day of art week and it wasn’t raining! I managed to get some more photos before any visitors arrived. What I find interesting, is how different this sculpture looks depending on your viewing point/how trees and plants obscure or partially obscure your view. It was very difficult trying to get the best overall position […]

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What a difference a day makes

24hrs later and there is blue sky, the sun is shining, and the acer is showing off its autumnal colours. I was determined to finish today and with hard work, short breaks and Denise’s invaluable help, we eventually got there…. The Horn is now intact and fixed into the ground with U shaped hooks, whacked […]

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Rain stops play

Arrived early today at Little Yarford Farmhouse in Kingston St Mary, and with my friend Denise’s help, managed to persuade the big end to become part of the overall structure…….several rests and a large bar of chocolate, and the horn of plenty was complete. We then filled in the internal gaps with black ground cover […]

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Transportation complete

We loaded part one and two of the ‘horn’ (joined),  on to the truck at 8pm on Friday night in the pouring rain. As soon as we had finished securing the load,  the rain stopped… We were all absolutely soaked through and my hair was plastered to my head as though I had been swimming! […]

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The morning after the night before

Well we had the Private View last night at Cotley Tithe Barn near Chard. A busy evening but it seemed to go off well. I went in the morning to clean up and remove and recycle the rubbish and the empties……I took the opportunity to get some decent photos of my work without the scaffolding. […]

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Kings, Queens and Buttons

Installation time……a bit traumatic but got there in the end with expertise from Tim and Ruth.Six poles of teasels are now hung from the roof of the Tithe barn at Cotley Nr Chard. The title Kings, Queens, and Buttons represents the size of teasels that were cut. The harvest started with the biggest, then medium […]

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