Finally a hot, dry, sunny and slightly breezy day was predicted. So on Tuesday I dyed black, the next batch of teasels. Having managed to start work at 07.30,  I worked almost continuously until 13.30 with a quick stop for lunch. Using Indian ink is a messy business and I just wanted to get on with it, the cleaning up process being long enough in itself. I dyed 3,640 teasels (91 bunches, each bunch being a ‘hand’ of 40 teasels), in total, leaving aside a few single black teasels in case I decide to insert them randomly into the main body of work, at a later date. I purchased 30 litres of Indian ink and I have now got just under 5 litres remaining. Maths plays an important part in the work I’m currently doing. This reflects what it must have been like for the teasel farmers……..without the teasel numbers, there would be no profit.

These are some images of the teasel bunches drip drying in the sun. From a distance they remind me kippers drying in a smoke house!

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