Went back to Uphill on Friday to collect more teasels this time on my own. Found a new source in a more sheltered low lying area. Lots of dog walkers stopped to ask me what I was doing. The dogs don’t like me carrying bundles of teasels and start barking which is rather disconcerting.
Saw the pair of deer again coming from the estuary and heading for the reed beds.
Some of the teasels seem to be infested with a worm/grub which seems to create a small web-like structure on the outside of the teasel. Can’t find anything about it on the internet so will have to ask around. Most important thing is to try and avoid picking these teasels lest they infect the rest of my precious crop.

Have tried stacking them on a pole today without using any fixing material but this is not going to work as these teasels are not prickly enough!!!! The hooked teasels probably naturally ‘hooked’ together. I’m going to have to wire these on and aim to transport poles with teasels in situ. I’m not sure how well they will travel but I haven’t got much choice.

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