Cossington Primary School asked me to lead an art project to improve the look of their school fence. As the school is situated close to the Somerset Levels, I thought it might be a good idea if we did something to do with the flora and fauna of the area. The Great Cranes have been recently reintroduced to the Levels, so my proposal was that I make six, four foot plywood cranes which could then be decorated before being fixed to the fence. For more information on the Great Crane Project see

The whole school participated in the the project on 19th June 2012. By the end of the day we had made a Jubilee crane, an Olympic crane, a Somerset Levels crane, an abstract crane, a black and white patterned crane, and a black and white hand printed crane. Here are the photos….

Here is the school fence with attached Great Cranes. We painted the legs directly on to the fence once the birds were fixed in place.

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