Art at the airport

Having got pre-selected for RSA Open in Edinburgh, I then had to deliver the work……make a crate that was a snug fit for the artwork sealed inside, that weighed under 20kg, and was able to go in Easyjet’s hold. The crate had to be portable because the work was too heavy to carry on my own. Then, when I didn’t get past pre-selection it was back up to Scotland! The crate probably attracted more interest than the artwork, especially with me trailing around the streets looking for breakfast and finally ending up in Pret a Manger with a suspicious looking crate in tow….I lost half a wheel on Edinburgh’s un-even pavements but the crate still survived two return journeys.

The slightly surreal moment in the whole trip, was when I asked if I could look at the work which had made it through to the final exhibition…..and believe it or not but there was a crate about two thirds the size on mine (without the wheels), installed on a plinth! Forget all the effort involved in making the art, just make a crate.






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