Papier mache pinata

I’m also making a paper mache piñata that I’m hoping can be broken open at the launch of the exhibition. A piñata, is a container made of paper-mache, pottery, or cloth, and filled with toys or sweets. It is commonly associated with Mexico, and Catholicism, but was introduced to Europe in the 14th century. The […]

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Clay pinata

  I’m now attempting a woven clay piñata for my commission at the Priory Stoke sub Hamdon. I’ve got lots of advice from my ceramicist friends who’s letting me use her studio/kiln but when it comes to the firing who knows what will happen. At the moment I’m waiting for the armature to dry then […]

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More bushel baskets

Still fairly conventional baskets….these consist of 1/2 bushel, 10th bushel, 100th bushel, and 1000th bushel. Coiled, long grasses from neighbouring fields, bound together with raffia, using a blanket stitch. I’ve still got to make the actual bushel basket….the biggest last. I’ve cut the grasses, just need better weather as it’s too messy to work inside, […]

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Bushel baskets

I’ve now started playing with materials to make ‘bushel’ baskets in response to the brief for Stoke sub Hamdon tithe barn. The aim to to produce a mixture or ‘traditional’ and contemporary and make them colourful so they brighten up the barn. So, I’ve been thinking about materials for quite some time, natural and man […]

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Saltaire Arts Trail Open Houses

Have just returned from having some of my work in Open Houses, as part of the Saltaire Arts Trail in Yorkshire. Fully packed van with my work, another artist’s work (India Ritchie from Plymouth), walking gear etc etc. Saltaire is a very interesting model Victorian village built by Sir Titus Salt, for his mill workers. […]

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