I’ve finally got around to producing a new piece of work. For the last three autumns I have been collecting and drying thousands of hawthorn berries, and after trying out all shapes/sizes of ideas, I’ve finally decided what to do with them….



IMG_0757Collecting the berries in vast quantities was not a problem but drying them slowly and then ‘processing’ them was….ie removing the leaves and stalks. Also finding a place in the house where they could dry out slowly. I had a few problems with maggots crawling out of the berries overnight (much to the disgust of my family), and having an old house a discovered that the mice had found a new source of winter food!

A had several attempts at perfecting the drying process to achieve the best possible retention of colour in the berries, and they now smell vaguely alcoholic.

The sticks are hazel that has been stripped and charred.


DSC_0031 20.03.49

DSC_0044This work has been selected for the Open West in Cheltenham in May.




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