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Seaweed is taking over the house

Mould making has become new skill, proficient if not expert! Seaweed gathering at Berrow and then washed and dried at home is an arduous task. A friend has a dehydrated but wasn’t too keen on the idea of a massive amount of seaweed…… The balls are everywhere, as once dry, they remain fragile/brittle and bits […]

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Papier mache pinata

I’m also making a paper mache piñata that I’m hoping can be broken open at the launch of the exhibition. A piñata, is a container made of paper-mache, pottery, or cloth, and filled with toys or sweets. It is commonly associated with Mexico, and Catholicism, but was introduced to Europe in the 14th century. The […]

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Clay pinata

  I’m now attempting a woven clay piñata for my commission at the Priory Stoke sub Hamdon. I’ve got lots of advice from my ceramicist friends who’s letting me use her studio/kiln but when it comes to the firing who knows what will happen. At the moment I’m waiting for the armature to dry then […]

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