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Papier mache pinata

I’m also making a paper mache piñata that I’m hoping can be broken open at the launch of the exhibition. A piñata, is a container made of paper-mache, pottery, or cloth, and filled with toys or sweets. It is commonly associated with Mexico, and Catholicism, but was introduced to Europe in the 14th century. The […]

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Clay pinata

  I’m now attempting a woven clay piñata for my commission at the Priory Stoke sub Hamdon. I’ve got lots of advice from my ceramicist friends who’s letting me use her studio/kiln but when it comes to the firing who knows what will happen. At the moment I’m waiting for the armature to dry then […]

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More bushel baskets

Still fairly conventional baskets….these consist of 1/2 bushel, 10th bushel, 100th bushel, and 1000th bushel. Coiled, long grasses from neighbouring fields, bound together with raffia, using a blanket stitch. I’ve still got to make the actual bushel basket….the biggest last. I’ve cut the grasses, just need better weather as it’s too messy to work inside, […]

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